3 Steps For Basic Work Site Safety


Safe driving on construction sites is a priority.

Ignoring safety precautions can lead to injury and even death in some cases.

Are you checking all the boxes when it comes to safety?

To ensure that nobody gets hurt, take note of the following steps.


1. Establish pedestrian-only areas

The first step is to separate pedestrian-only areas from vehicles routes.

Make sure the area is wide enough to accommodate pedestrians, especially at peak times.

Pedestrians need plenty of space to avoid machinery, especially when conditions are wet.


2. Use trained and qualified drivers 

Double check that your workers are trained and skilled before operating equipment.

If your worker don’t have the skills, don’t let them operate machinery.

Even it is a small job, you don’t want inexperience operators putting others in danger.


3. Use safe vehicles 

Here at Australian Access Hire, we strive to provide machinery of the highest standard.

Safety is a priority and our team are trained to ensure that our machines are in top shape.

These three steps seem obvious, but they are often overlooked.

Do this triple check each time your out on a new work site to keep your workers safe.


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