A Head for Heights


Working at heights requires skill, experience and confidence from your workforce. Falls from heights remain the most common cause of workplace fatality with over half taking place in construction.

It is essential to carry out risk assessments on your site or area prior to carrying out work. This will ensure that the best equipment and approach is used. All individuals involved should know this information in the interests of their own safety.

Below is a list of important steps to take into account when working from height:

  • Check the safety of the area being worked on (e.g. roof). Assess which height or angle is best to access it.
  • Make note of weather conditions and how these could affect your work.
  • Take measures to prevent any loose materials falling and take strategic measures to keep your workforce away from any hazardous areas.
  • Plan for emergencies and rescue. If someone gets injured at a height you need a plan to get them down. Think about all possible situations and prepare the workforce for emergency procedures.

As well as a wide range of machine hire options to suit all heights, Australian Access Hire offer site inspections to ensure the best solution for your project and access needs. Contact us on 1300 850 48 to discuss your requirements today.

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