Battery maintenance tips to save you money this winter


AS YOU are well aware, the colder months are coming and winter is the most important time of the year to maintain your machinery’s batteries.

In this blog, we will discuss the importance of your battery and a few basic steps to reduce machine failure.

Access equipment machines are voltage sensitive and rely on your battery to be in tip top condition.

If you are using your machine every day, the battery will have a fair chance of being kept at optimum voltage required.

However if your machine is only used on occasion it’s a fantastic preventative maintenance idea to keep your battery float charged.

Starting the engine once a week is not considered a float charge, so our recommendation is to use your 240v charger onboard which allows you to identify if you’re onboard charging system is working correctly.

Alternatively there are many of aftermarket float chargers suitable for the job.

Here is a few basic key points to keep you on track

As a part of your weekly routine check:

  • Check the battery terminals are free of corrosion and are tight.
  • Check your on board 240v charger is charging your 12v battery. Typically around 12.82 -/+ is considered charging for the onboard charger.
  • Always turn off your isolator when your machine is not in use.
  • 12.6v -/+ is considered fully charged.
  • 12v -/+ or below is not charged, it’s considered around 40% state of charge.
  • Try and float charge your battery if your machine isn’t getting used at least once a week with either a permanently wired float charger or use your onboard charge system.

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