Electric Forklifts For Sale & Hire in Sydney

Electric Forklifts for Sale and Hire in Sydney & Australia-wide

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Toyota 8 Series   1500 - 3000 PDF

Electric Forklifts For Sale in Sydney.

Choose our leading forklifts on sale for the most productive & cost effective lifting solution.
With the widest range of forklifts available for sale or hire across Australia, you’re guaranteed to find a suitable lift to meet your worksites’ specific needs with Australian Access Hire.

Our electric forklifts offers superior lifting performance combined with high energy efficiency, thereby increasing operating times while minimising associated costs. With customisable options to suit the needs of your site, our rental electric forklifts provide a reliable and cost-effective material lifting solution.

Toyota 1.5 – 3.0 Tonne Battery Electric Forklift.

Rated the number 1 counter balance forklift for over 25 years. The 7FB and 8FB series forklifts offer comfort and visibility. The 8FB Series rear axle is mounted high so that it positions itself closer to the lifting point centre of gravity. This enables mote stable turns.There are zero exhaust emissions which only an electric forklift can guarantee. Low maintenance costs are a feature due to the minimal running parts.Electric Forklifts Hire Sydney

Customisable Forklift Options.

We can tailor setting and options to suit your needs. PIN access for security and prevention of usage by unauthorised personnel. There are a selection of operating levers and a sensor to warn of impending collision. Additionally there is a height selection to help with load handling.
This is a highly efficient Forklift. With the new AC power system extends operating times. Also we have added an all-new pedal-stroke detection regenerative brake system to the forklift page.

Forklift Safety.

The 8FB Series incorporates an anti roll back system when working on slopes. An Operator Presence Sensing system (OPS) is equipped. This will detect if the operator is not in the regular travelling position. This all provides a safer and efficient working environment.

Electric Forklifts For Hire in Sydney.

Contact our office to talk about hiring or renting one of our electric forklifts. We rent to constructions sites, mining operations and all types of commercial and industrial businesses. We are fully insured and offer training for all our forklift equipment.

Electric Forklift Operator Presence SensingBrowse our online Electric Forklift product catalogue now for more information, or contact Australian Access Hire on 1300 850 488 to book your electric lift now!

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