Hiring a Boom Lift – Top Reasons & Practicalities


The clever design of a boom lift makes it a versatile machine, able to deal with all manner of terrain, projects and materials on your site. Its support and lifting mechanisms make it a reliable and safe option that ensures you’ll get the job done.

If you’re considering hiring a boom lift there’s plenty of strengths you’ll want to consider:

Reliability for all indoor and outdoor areas

The compact transportation size of a boom lift makes it extremely reliable in both tight and open spaces. They also come in both electric and diesel form, allowing you to choose the right option for your suitable noise levels and the distance you’ll need it to cover.

Straight forward to use

Boom lifts are the hire option of choice for those hard to reach places and with a reach of up to 54 metres they can make daunting task seem much more manageable. They also come with minimal speed manufacturer restrictions, making them easy to maneuver and a great all-round aerial tool.

Reliable system and stable foundation

Manufactured to Australian standards with the highest quality materials, boom lifts provide genuine reliability. With large tyres and stable legs, a strong foundation ensures the platform is always sturdy and secure at any height.

Available in a variety of models to suit all projects

A wide range of boom lift models offer you maximum flexibility with working heights ranging from 10 to 54 metres and lift capacities ranging from 230 kg to 340 kg. In addition the array of engine types, capacities and performance provides the perfect choice for any usability.

Comprehensive site inspection and health and safety assessment is necessary before choosing the correct boom lift for your job. Australian Access Hire are willing to provide any help or support you may need when it comes to choosing the right one.

See our wide range of boom lifts, available for hire here.

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