Hiring a Forklift? Don’t Make These Mistakes…

As you probably already know, driving a forklift is a little bit different to driving a car.

The average forklift is about three times heavier than a car, and are a lot heavier in the rear.

The heavy back end and front-wheel drive combined make the forklifts harder to stop, so its best to drive them slowly.

Three of the most common forklift accidents are:

  • Forklift overturns
  • Workers are struck by a forklift
  • Worker falls from a forklift

These accidents can be fatal for workers involved, so it is a must that workers take measures to avoid accidents at all costs.

To ensure that nobody gets hurt, we must understand why these accidents occur so we can avoid them.

Some of the most common causes of accidents are the following:

  • Poorly trained driver
  • Speeding
  • Improper turning
  • Insufficient warnings and markings
  • Giving rides or riding on the forklift

It makes sense that operators receive proper training and drive carefully, but this is often overlooked.

By making sure that all workers are aware of the dangers, you’ve taken a step towards promoting a safe workplace.


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