What you need to know before hiring a scissor lift


So you’ve been considering the rental of a scissor lift? What considerations do you need to address beforehand?

Scissor lifts will help you improve access on both commercial and industrial jobs, but here are a few things to think about before you choose the machine for you.

  1. Scissor lifts are free-standing – This allows you to reach a larger area than when using a ladder. This can be vital especially when reaching high areas as there are fewer restrictions on the places you can access.
  2. Scissor lifts are safer than ladders – All machines have safety features that protect workers against accidents. The use of safety harnesses and helmets is still essential when working on scissor lifts.
  3. The platform area is large – With plenty of space to carry out your operation you’ll be able to work with the tools necessary. Unlike a ladder you can have multiple workers on the job and work uninterrupted until the project is finished.
  4. The platform area is strong – This allows two men and their tools to work constantly and safely at a height of up to 18m.
  5. Indoor use is an option with electric lifts – When your job is indoors you’ll want something that releases no harmful fumes. You may also want a smaller machine with a narrow platform to allow you to work in tight spaces.

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