Hiring versus purchasing a forklift

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This article discusses some of the advantages of renting in comparison to buying a forklift for your daily operations.

No large upfront purchase costs

Aussie businesses can avoid the large upfront costs involved in purchasing a forklift by renting for a few months, a few weeks or even a few days.

Short term hire prices can vary however AAH does have regular pricing campaigns to take advantage of and you should always ask what deals are available to you.

No maintenance costs and issues


When a forklift is purchased, the owner has to cough up for all maintenance costs and any associated issues such as downtime.

Over 12 months, this can add plenty to the cost of the asset. Also, as the forklift ages, maintenance costs go up too.

Having to organise temporary replacements when a forklift breaks down also burns a hole in your pocket.

When forklifts are hired, the hire company is usually responsible for all maintenance costs so the cost of servicing or the replacement of a forklift does not need to be taken into account.

If there are problems with a hire forklift and a replacement is required, AAH will provide the replacement unit free of charge.

Many companies in Australia reckon ongoing hire payments are easier to budget for than unexpected costs which can occur when a forklift is bought.

Safety and legal issues

Forklift owners have to make sure their vehicles are properly maintained and meet all relevant safety requirements.

Plenty of accidents involving forklifts are due to neglected maintenance schedules and poor working conditions.

Companies hiring forklifts are responsible for the training and working conditions of forklift legislation and can offer expert advice together with full risk assessments, lifting plans and method statements which cover aspects such as personal protective equipment, checklists and operating instructions.

Choice of makes and models


Renting a forklift allows a workplace to be flexible with the type of machine they have on the work site. The customer can select the appropriate model to rent for a specific job which may be different to a model to that is required for another task.

On the other hand, if you buy a forklift that’s only good for a handful of jobs, you’re stuck with it.

That can lead inefficient working practices and higher costs for businesses.


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