Hiring vs. Buying Construction Equipment

Is it smarter to buy construction equipment outright? Or are you better off hiring equipment as you need it?

If a company has the cash available to invest, then buying construction equipment outright might be smart.

By investing in equipment you get the benefit of always having it handy.

But the down side is that if you aren’t using it frequently, you have a heavy piece of equipment just sitting round.

If you’re only planning on using the construction equipment a few times, buying outright is very expensive.

Aside from the high upfront cost, buying equipment also means paying several hidden costs…

Buying a machine means paying for regular maintenance and finding space to store it.

It also means paying operating costs, legislation costs as well as other hidden costs.

If your workload is only periodic, then hiring construction equipment is certainly the best option for you.

For sporadic work requirements, hiring costs far less upfront and is also cheaper in the long run…


Because you don’t have to worry about incurring all of those extra costs.

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