Knuckle Booms Lifts for Hire or Sale Sydney Australia Wide.

Great for increased access for residential or commercial areas that require an up and over approach!

At Australian Access Hire, we specialise in providing rentals of mobile elevated work platforms to meet your requirements and helping your business reach new heights. With a commitment to impeccable customer service and utilising the latest technology, we’ll ensure the utmost safety for you and your team.

Great for working around restrictions and obstacles, a knuckle boom lift is essential for the best access to the tightest and most difficult areas, increasing the efficiency in your site operations.

For your convenience, we supply diesel models, built to withstand tough outdoor terrains, while providing electric options for indoor projects. We also specialise in forklifts and other industrial lifts so you can get the job done safely and efficiently.

For machine specifications and features, please click the model number and request a quote. Contact us on 1300 850 488 for more information today!

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Australian Access Hire Australian Access Hire are located in Sydney. We sell and rent machinery hire equipment throughout Australia. Our products include Forklifts, Vertical lifts, Scissor lifts, Boom Lifts, Knuckle Lifts and Telehandlers. Located at
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