Diesel Knuckle Boom Lifts for Sale & Hire in Sydney & Australia-wide

Diesel Knuckle Boom Lifts:

Height: Up to 43.15m

Weight: Up to 230kg

People: Up to 2

Diesel Knuckle Boom Lifts are mainly for:

  • Outdoor uses
  • Construction applications
  • Roofing applications
  • Outdoor maintenance

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AAH Model Working Height (m) Lift Capacity (kg) More Info
340AJ-JLG 10.33 230 PDF
Genie Z 34/22 4WD 12.62 227 PDF
Genie 45/25 RT 16.00 227 PDF
Genie 51/30J RT 17.62 227 PDF
Genie Z 60/34 20.39 227 PDF
Genie Z 80/60 25.77 227 PDF
Genie Z 135/70 43.15 272 PDF

Australian Access Hire rentals and sale of Diesel Knuckle Boom Lifts in Sydney.

On site we have a large number of knuckle boom lifts that we hire and sell. We are based in Sydney and deliver Australia wide. We have many commercial diesel knuckle boom lifts. Choose from the Genie Z series 34/22 4WD, 45/25 RT, 60/34, 80/60 and the 135/60. Or, we have the 340AJ-JLG.

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