When is it time to replace your Forklift?


To run the most efficient projects on your site you need to make sure all machinery and tools are fully functional. It is therefore vital to know when is the right time to replace older forklifts. With a new one your maintenance costs will reduce and productivity will improve, ensuring you get maximum return on investment.

Companies regularly continue to use forklifts beyond their lifespan, costing themselves dearly in repairs, and decreased productivity levels. Some may remain operational for over 10 years but may have stopped performing to full functionality. A number of factors can determine when it’s right to replace your forklift, including:

  • The type and age of design
  • The severity of the application
  • The amount of time it operates
  • The frequency of maintenance it receives

Planning your replacement is essential to you and your operation. A forklift purchase has to be a thought-out process to get the perfect machine and best value for money. It is therefore wise to get the wheels in motion as soon as you notice a decline in your forklift’s performance.

At Australian Access Hire we have a wide range gas, diesel and electric forklifts, as well as walkies all for sale at competitive prices. You’ll find something for any application, be it industrial or commercial.

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