Scissor Lifts versus Scaffolding: Which is better?

Genie Scissor Lift

Many Australian construction sites still rely on traditional scaffolding.

However for many of these jobs, a scissor lift would be cheaper and safer: Here are five reasons why:

  1. Speed

Continuously dismantling and re-erecting scaffolding can be a drain on resources. That time could be better spent on getting the job done.

With scissor lifts, you can plan your work schedule more effectively. Once one area is finished, your team can move immediately onto the next.

Electric scissor lifts

  1. Safety

Because scaffolds and ladders are dangerous, it often takes extra workers such as supervisors to operate them safely.

They can also be difficult to use in adverse weather conditions, as the materials they are made from can be slippery.

On the other hand, scissor lifts have a stable base – outriggers can be planted for extra safety—and high sides.

This means falls from this type of elevated work platform hardly ever happen.

  1. Cost

If there is a holiday or even a weekend in your work schedule, the cost of leaving hired scaffolding in place, or dismantling and re-erecting it, means the costs escalate even when no work is being done.

Using hired access equipment means that the running costs stop as soon as your workers do.

Diesel scissor lifts

  1. Flexibility

Using a scissor lift rather than a scaffold can make it easier for people to navigate past your work area and reduce the danger of items falling.

This is especially important when working above city footpaths or busy roads.

Many smaller scissor lifts take up far less space than a typical scaffolding structure, and they are only used when the work is being done, rather than blocking the road for an extended period.

  1. Security

Building materials are expensive, and there’s a growing black market for cabling, lead and other raw materials.

Scaffolding can be a huge security risk because it provides easy access to your building site.

Access equipment can be shut down, removed and stored, denying access to thieves.

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