Scissor or boom lift? Choosing the right option

Genie Scissor Lift

WHEN it comes to construction, choosing the right equipment for your job can save you time and money, not to mention ensure the safety of your workers.

It’s important to do your homework when it comes to equipment, or you could be using a scissor lift when you should be using a boom lift.

When it comes to choosing scissor lifts, or any other equipment for your jobs site, a range of things need to be factored in and considered:

The construction operation

What kind of jobs will you need to use this equipment for? Do you need a particular height or weight specification?

The conditions at the job site

Does it need to be able to operate in certain conditions? How easy is it to get the equipment to the jobsite?

The project time schedule

Is the equipment going to arrive on time? Are you hiring it for a long enough period?

Balancing of interdependent equipment

Do you need the equipment to work in conjunction with something else on your jobsite?

The mobility required of the equipment

Will you require assistance to move the equipment around the jobsite?

Boom Lifts

Mistakes often arise from a misunderstanding of access equipment. When it comes to choosing a cherry picker, there are two specific types- scissor lifts and boom lifts.

Scissor lifts use a criss-cross ‘scissor’ mechanism to lift a caged platform and other mechanisms that do the same job. Boom lifts are operated from the basket, allowing the operator to move from place to place (from a fixed point) in a small amount of time, without having to re-set the unit each time.

After assessing your need for a scissor lift or boom lift, you can go about assessing your site requirements.

As discussed above, height, length and intended use are important factors when choosing equipment. When taking measurements, remember height is quoted as the measurement from ground level to the maximum height of the platform, plus the reach of an average person, with working height defined as platform height plus two metres.

Length (or outreach) is defined as the measurement from the centre of the turret to the fingertips of an average person on a fully extended boom. If you are going to be working inside, be sure to measure any doors the machine will need to go through.

If you are unsure as to the best equipment for your site, be sure to contact Australian Access Hire for technical assistance, or an obligation-free quote.

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