What you need to know about warehouse pallets

many wooden pallets placed in warehouse coutyard

BAD quality warehouse pallets can seriously reduce the profitability and sustainability of your supply chain.

The state of your warehouse pallets not only affects their ability to support loads, but also the safety of everyone working in and around the warehouse.

Here are a few things to consider when you’re planning to buy warehouse pallets…

Wood vs plastic warehouse pallets

Deciding on whether to buy plastic or wood pallets requires careful consideration.

Wood pallets are cheaper to purchase and easier to repair and recycle than plastic pallets, but plastic pallets tend to last ten years or more, which is ten times longer than the average wood pallet.

They are also safer than wood pallets, in the sense that they are free from splinters, nails and sharp edges, which could eventually damage the equipment or spare parts stacked on the wood pallet.

Hygiene doesn’t have to be an issue

Although plastic pallets are easier to wash and disinfect, products sensitive to contamination (i.e. food) are never placed on a pallet without some type of foil or other protective material.

In other words, wood pallets can be just as hygienic as plastic pallets – as long as you adhere to industry regulations and maintain a clean work environment.

Don’t postpone replacing damaged pallets

It is important to regularly inspect your warehouse pallets for signs of weakness and damage such as splinters and protruding nails to avoid injuries and load spillage.

Although reinforcing your racking system with metal bars or boards may provide extra support, this should be done as a precautionary measure only.

Damaged pallets with diminished structural integrity should always be immediately replaced.

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