What you need to know before hiring a telehandler

Telehandler hire

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OFTEN referred to as a forklift-and-crane-in-one, telehandlers are becoming increasingly popular on Australian construction sites.

Are you planning to hire or buy a telehandler soon?

These tips will help you make the most of your purchase:

Use the right attachments for your telehandler

Although an investment at first, having a vast selection of telehandler attachments at your disposal at all times is a sure way to enhance your productivity.

There is no end to the amount of options including lift tables, pallet forks and muck grabs.

Are you not quite sure which attachments are right for the job? Or are you looking for a specific type of telehandler attachment?

Our telehandlers also come with attachments upon request:

  • Jibs
  • Buckets
  • Rotators
  • Sweepers

Keep the terrain in mind

Not all telehandlers are equipped to travel over rough terrain.

Always make sure your telehandler will be able to cope with your job site’s terrain before committing to a hire or purchase.

Telehandlers also differ in terms of weight they can carry and height they can reach.

Contact us today to find out which telehandler meets your needs the best.

We have a large range of telehandler lifts from all the major brands. These include Merlo, Genie and the Dieci telehandler series.

Safety first

Handling a powerful machine such as a telehandler requires skill and experience.

Is your operator certified to handle a telehandler?

Does he or she know about the forklift stability triangle and load capacity?

Last but not least, should your operator’s vision be obstructed, always have a second person to act as a spotter, just to make sure everyone on the site stays safe.

For more information on rental of our telehandlers, range of forklifts or other industrial lifts, contact us on 1300 850 488 today!

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