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How Practical are Scissor Lifts for Carrying Out Electrical Work?

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

When carrying out essential electrical maintenance on industrial and commercial buildings, it is often necessary to work at significant heights. For this reason, scissor lifts – a relatively inexpensive and flexible option have become increasingly popular machines for these and other related tasks.

Scissor lifts offer several benefits for electricians, simply through the ease of transporting tools and equipment to the required height, and they are much easier to set up and remove compared to scaffolding towers. Below we’ve outlined how practical scissor lifts are when carrying out electrical work and maintenance duties.

Reach greater heights

Scissor lifts allow electricians to reach heights that would be otherwise impossible or unsafe with conventional ladders. These vehicles have varying heights and weights to help the operator decide which is the most useful and productive for their work site. AAH offer scissor lifts that can reach up to 18 metres in height, which can help tradies reach spaces that would usually be quite difficult to reach.

Stable platforms

Scissor lifts provide a more stable platform to perform maintenance duties. They don’t need to be propped up against a wall for stability and can easily navigate around obstacles to get to those hard-to-reach places. Scissor lift platforms come in a variety of different sizes that can accommodate multiple people at once, alongside tools and materials.

More productive

Electricians can save time by covering a wide wall or ceiling section without having to reposition the scissor lift. These vehicles can be easily and safely relocated without complications from one location to another, reducing physical effort and exhaustion.

Electric options available

Diesel scissor lifts are great for outdoors use but are a health hazard for indoor spaces due to toxic exhaust fumes. Electric scissor lifts are more suitable for enclosed areas where electrical work is being conducted, as they are characterised by low noise levels and emissions. Most electric scissor lifts are equipped with non-marking tyres to prevent scuffing and damage on floors.

Improved operator safety

Ladders have long been the go-to tool for working at heights, they are inexpensive, compact and convenient, but that all comes at a cost, and a high one at that — safety. Scissor lifts are a much safer option than using a ladder or scaffolding, and they come with many safety features. Access gates, platform railing, harness tethering points, and emergency cut off features all make working at heights safer for electricians.

Always remember that working at heights can be risky, so it is important to take the necessary precautions and stay safe.

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