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Machines in Action: Painting Made Easy with an AAH Scissor Lift

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Some painting jobs are simply too big for a ladder. When you've got large spaces to paint, hire a scissor lift for ease of access and efficiency on the job site.

We carry a diverse range of scissor lifts for hire that will meet the needs of just about any job. Our scissor lifts can reach working heights of up to 18 metres with electric, diesel and rough terrain options available.

Scissor lifts are narrow in width, which allows them to travel through doorways and small spaces. Non marking tyres, and the ability to transport while the platform is elevated makes these machines suitable for work both indoor and outdoor.

Advantages of using a scissor lift for painting:

  • Provides easy and stable lifting for painters that are required to reach heights that may otherwise be difficult to access.

  • Easy to adjust and can be positioned appropriately to efficiently meet work requirements.

  • Simple transportation across the job site, minimising fatigue and raising productivity levels.

  • Reduces the risk of injury associated with heavy lifting and load management.

  • Large platform can accommodate multiple people, alongside tools and materials.

  • Non-marking tyres prevent damage to flooring if work is required indoors.

AAH scissor lift assisting with a painting job in NSW

Tips for painting at height:

  • Multiple trips up and down on a scissor lift isn't ideal for painters, therefore organising tools and materials should be done prior to operation.

  • When working outdoors, pay attention to the weather as sudden shifts in conditions can be very dangerous.

  • Be aware of the machine's maximum load capacity. Your safety could be at risk if the platform is overloaded with painting materials.

  • Make sure the ground is secure and stable enough for safe aerial use. Wet, slippery or uneven terrain can derail any painting project.

  • Be mindful of ceiling heights indoors, and other dangers such as power lines.

Compared to a ladder, scissor lifts can support more weight and can reach greater heights, therefore they offer a safe, effective option for painting.

Take advantage of the benefits of hiring an AAH scissor lift for your next painting job. Give us a call on 133 224 for more information on our range.

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