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The Benefits of Having a Scissor Lift in Your Warehouse

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

Running a warehouse involves a lot of responsibilities, including selecting the best equipment to have on site. While various operations require different tools, some machines are a must-have for any facility.

Spotting a scissor lift in a warehouse is far from uncommon and these machines are popular for a reason, offering several advantages over other options such as ladders and scaffolding.

AAH is the leader in short or long term hire of quality Genie and JLG scissor lifts for all types of applications, including warehousing, logistics, manufacturing etc. If you need to reach something at height, we have just the equipment to do it.

1. Increased Safety

Many workers will use ladders to reach heights, however these can be unsteady and don't offer firm footing. A scissor lift provides more stability and substantially decreases any fall risk due to having guardrails, heavy bases and spacious platforms.

Even at lower heights, workers may still injure themselves from reaching too high. Access to materials that are just out out of reach is more effective with a scissor lift, as they reduce the risk of straining and musculoskeletal injuries.

2. Improved Productivity

The elevation controls on a scissor lift offer more precision than the rungs on a ladder. They enable employees to work at an optimal height for their task, not a rough approximation, therefore reducing cycle times. If you multiply the reduced cycles multiple times, and across different workstations, you'll find that the amount of time saved translates to more productivity.

A lot of warehouses rely on a forklift and a man cage to complete tasks, which requires multiple operators. Not to mention, forklifts must be modified to accommodate the man cage and need to have the correct capacity during operation. With a scissor lift, a single operator will suffice, further increasing productivity.

Working at an optimal height also reduces the physical strain on employees. As a result, they can work faster for longer.

3. Flexibility

Flexibility is essential in any warehouse, especially in enabling a lean workflow. Compared to other types of equipment, scissor lifts offer considerable variety and are able to accommodate most warehouse tasks like loading, unloading, transport etc. Height is also limited with certain equipment such as forklifts. Workers can utilise a scissor lift to reach heights of up to 60 feet or gain a few inches to grab something more comfortably.

There are a wide variety of platform and base sizes, and heights to which they can fully extend, which ensures that warehouse companies will find the right model for their application.

4. Portability

Many types of aerial lifts have limited usefulness due to their lack of portability. Scissor lifts are mobile by design, so you aren't wasting time setting them up or breaking them down. Workers can drive them to wherever they need to use them and start work immediately. Other aerial lifts require a much more tedious setup and transportation times.

This benefit is particularly helpful for facilities with limited budgets because companies do not need to hire out or purchase multiple machines.

5. Enhanced Ergonomics

Comfort is crucial for workers in material handling, and because scissor lifts provide higher precision, they can help workers avoid strain-related issues.

Scissor lifts reduce the need for bending or twisting due to being able to position workers more accurately. This ergonomic advantage can help employees avoid injury or exhaustion, increasing both safety and productivity. Other options, such as ladders do not provide the same level of comfort.

6. Easier Storage

Efficient space management is important for running any successful warehouse operation, making storage a leading concern. Other types of aerial lifts and ladders are typically bulky, taking up space that could be used for more critical work. Scissor lifts have a comparatively small storage footprint, thanks to their retracting design.

This feature is increasing in popularity as more facilities try to go lean. One of the critical tenants of lean operations is eliminating waste, and easy storage can take care of that.

7. Affordability

No need to worry about repairs, upgrades and borrowing costs, or tying up your capital. Hiring a scissor lift is fully tax deductible, which is a smart business decision.

When you consider all of the benefits that scissor lifts offer, it is evident as to why they have become an industry staple. They're affordable, safe, flexible, easy to store and can ultimately improve operational efficiency.

No matter what you're warehouse operations are, you can rely on AAH to have scissor lifts available for hire to help you with ease. Give us a call on 133 224 to make an enquiry.

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