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Why You Should Hire A Dieci Telehandler

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Today more than ever, companies are looking for customised and effective solutions, especially businesses in the construction sector.

It's important to always have the right equipment available at the right time, limiting maintenance costs and downtime.

Dieci meets the market's needs with its line of fixed, articulated and rotary telehandlers. These vehicles are versatile, multi-functional, safe, reliable and robust, and have made the company an industry leader for over 50 years.

Hiring a Dieci telehandler from AAH provides a safe and easy to handle solution that can be used for multiple activities onsite.

The key features of the Dieci range are:

  • Extensive choice: it is possible to rent telehandlers at AAH with a lift height between 5.78 m and 17 m, and a load capacity of up to 21,000 kg.

  • User-friendly: these telehandlers are simple and intuitive, so operators can be rotated without wasting time on complex training.

  • Safety: At AAH, safety is the core culture that drives our company. Dieci telehandlers are equipped with various safety systems to minimise human error and give operators maximum protection (safety first).

A multi-functional vehicle for construction companies

These days, construction companies of all sizes need access to a variety of vehicles that each meet a specific need, but which are also versatile enough to perform other jobs on the building site.

Hiring construction vehicles is a valid option that supports companies based on their actual needs:

  • Access to cost-effective solutions. For example, when participating in a tender the company can use vehicles that it does not own, simply renting them for as long as needed.

  • Construction companies are now increasingly delocalised. The same firm can operate in multiple cities with very different construction sites, always having access to the right vehicle.

  • Intelligent cost cutting. Paying to insure, tax and store a vehicle that is not in constant use is a significant financial burden for any company.

Hiring a Dieci telehandler allows companies to use a high-performance vehicle for the specific needs of their building site, and which is also multi-functional and can be equipped with numerous accessories such as baskets, clamps, forks, etc.

Stable and safe: that’s why you should hire out Dieci telehandlers

The great versatility of telehandlers has prompted Dieci to maximise the usefulness and availability of construction vehicles, by devising solutions for niche applications.

Choosing our Dieci telehandlers means having access to construction vehicles that offer a series of advantages in terms of usefulness and safety:

  • Resistance to low temperatures: they are also ideal for mountainous or particularly cold areas. This means that a Dieci telehandler does not need to be parked indoors overnight or protected when left outside.

  • Narrow streets and areas with elevation changes. The four-wheel drive and self-levelling system guarantee stability even in less optimal conditions.

  • Constant and repeated manoeuvres. Dieci vehicles are multi-functional and tested to work under stress and continuous use.

  • Comfortable cabin for prolonged operation. Ample legroom, seat suspension and adjustable steering and armrest are just some of the comfort solutions designed for vehicle operators.

Hiring Dieci telehandlers gives companies access to a quality product that offers great versatility, reach and load capacity, plus meticulous attention to detail that ensures a solution to every need (planned or unforeseen) on building sites.

For more information on our Dieci telehandlers available for hire, contact AAH on 133 224.

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