Scissor Lifts


Max Height: 18.15

Max Weight: 1134kg

No. of People: 4

Max Height: Various

Max Weight: 16T

No. of People: 1

Vertical Lifts

Max Height: 10m

Max Weight: 227kg

Boom Lift

Max Height: 55m

Max Weight: 340kg

No. of People: 2

Lightweight Specialists

Max Height: 20.8m

Max Weight: 225kg

No. of People: 2

Knuckle Booms

Max Height: 43.14

Max Weight: 272kg

No. of People: 2


Max Height: 16.7

Max Weight: 6T

No. of People: 1

      Duct Lifter

Max Height: 7.60m

Max Weight: 295kg