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Knuckle Booms for Efficient Solar Panel Installation

As the cost of emissions to our planet becomes more apparent, the popularity of solar panel installation across Australia is steadily increasing. Installing solar panels on houses and industrial sites is a job made easier when you hire a knuckle boom from AAH.

Knuckle booms are a versatile and flexible solution that can provide a boost to productivity and safety. They are specifically designed to access areas that require an up and over approach.

How can a knuckle boom benefit your project?

Reduces risks on the job site

Using a knuckle boom can reduce safety risks that may occur when solar panel installers would normally rely on ladders or scaffolding. Awkward and hard to reach areas such as sloping rooves can be worked on more efficiently from the safety of a boom lift platform. Slippery surfaces, loose tiles or fragile skylights can also be avoided.

Increases productivity Higher productivity without compromising on worker safety is a bonus on any job site. Multiple workers and their tools can be carried up on the boom platform, saving both energy and time.

A knuckle boom provides fast access over the rest of the roof while still allowing a precise application due to the length it can reach over the top of the structure. Installation can be completed quickly and without any damage to the existing roofing.

Capable of reaching maximum heights

A knuckle boom can offer you multiple angles and reach to access overhead work. If your job requires manoeuvring to get around walls, trees and other obstacles, these EWPs are the perfect solution.

We offer a range of electric, diesel and hybrid booms that are guaranteed to help you get the job done. For more information on our knuckle booms, give us a call on 133 224.

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